Ashley the belly-dancer

Ashley the belly-dancer

So something kinda crazy and cool happened last weekend.

First, we had a horrible thunderstorm last Saturday. It knocked out our power and our cable for a few hours due to downed power lines. (I think Google manufactured the storm to force us to celebrate Earth Day.) When the cable finally came back on that night, I had to set up the TV channels again. We have cable internet and that includes the basic local channels – CBS, NBC, ABC, etc. However, when I set up the TV again I noticed that we suddenly had more channels! Discovery, History, HGTV, TLC, ESPN, etc! How exciting! We don’t have Animal Planet though. :-( Boo! But what can I say, for free?

Anyways, I have no idea how long it will last, but I’m excited for it right now.

I was flipping channels and saw one called FitTV. Basically, it’s full of healthy food cooking and exercise shows. They were currently showing a belly dancing exercise show. I was intrigued and immediately started doing the exercises too. It was simple enough for me to follow – I’m horribly uncoordinated. And, Paul was enjoying watching. ;-) It was fun. It seems that our library also has a DVD on the subject. I think I’ll check it out and practice. I think I would exercise more if it was fun like belly dancing!

I had to stop exercising this week due to my daily headaches/borderline migraines. (Okay I didn’t HAVE to, but I definitely wasn’t in the mood.) The pollen has gotten bad (welcome to spring!) and I think that’s contributing to my headaches. I didn’t have one today – the first day since last Sunday! Let’s pray that it lasts. I don’t want to be so miserable at work.

I guess I don’t have any more excuses not to be exercising. :-) Maybe they’ll have some other types of dancing exercises. Pole dancing perhaps? My husband probably loves the possibilities!

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