parties and new friends

parties and new friends

Yesterday was our friend Alisha’s birthday party, so we went up to her house to hang out with her and a bunch of other people who came. It was fun! We both enjoyed ourselves; we knew enough of the people that we were able to circulate through the different crowds without finding ourselves stuck in a corner talking only to each other. We left around 11pm, and Paul remarked as we were driving away how much he enjoyed just hanging out. I agree. I wish I had more courage to have a hang-out party at our place! I need to get over that, though.

Paul and I at Alisha's party

Here is a picture of Paul and I at the party last night. As you can see, all the recent rain (almost every day this past week! yay for rain!) has made my hair REALLY frizzy.

We dragged ourselves to Sunday School today – there are only a few more weeks left before they break for the summer so we want to make sure we don’t miss any days. Afterwards, we went out to eat for lunch – this time with a different crowd. It was nice to hang out with everyone! One couple we met just moved here; they’ve only been married 4 weeks! We enjoyed lunch and hanging out again.

Paul was invited to go play basketball with the guys, and I am just as happy to stay home by myself after having a people-filled weekend. I have been trying to work on our apartment to make it a nice place to bring guests. I am dissatisfied with how it looks, and I’m trying to figure out what I can do to make it look better. :-) One thing I know I need to do is hang stuff on the walls; maybe once I do that it will look warm and inviting instead of eclectic and cluttered. I still have my eye on the Ikea sofa and loveseat, so maybe once we save the money for that it will help. :-) (I feel like our current couch covers really add to the clutter.)

Hmm maybe I’m too focused on the material? I can definitely see that. Does anyone else struggle with not wanting to invite people over because you feel your house is too shabby?

Okay back to organizing the “office” bookshelf. (It’s actually in our dining room.) I’m in need of someone good with construction to come and hang some shelves for us. Any takers? :-)

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