WFMW: kitchen staples

WFMW: kitchen staples

Whenever anyone else cooks in my kitchen, they get very confused trying to find things. This is mainly the reason why:

Yes, I keep my flour, sugar, corn meal, grits, etc. in the freezer. (And, if you didn’t notice, I shop at Publix. :-))

(Doesn’t Publix have nice packaging design? Hence #14 here.)

My family did this when I was growing up in Peru, South America. There, we had problems with bugs and the freezer was the best place to keep this stuff. (And trust me, when you have to throw away a whole bag of grits that you hand-carried down from the States because of bugs, you will try anything!) For me, I’ve just gotten used to it being in the freezer, and I love the feel of cold flour on my hands! I have more room in my freezer than my pantry, and so this works out better for me. So, if you are running short on pantry space or you have problems with little critters, then you might want to try keeping food in your freezer! :-)

(Oh and I realize that most people don’t have extra space in their freezers. I guess I am weird.)

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