how do you vote?

how do you vote?

If you live in the United States, then you probably haven’t been able to escape the constant talk of elections here. In November we will be voting on who will be the next president of the United States, and right now each state is holding their primary elections to decide who will be on each party’s ballot in November. Here in Georgia, we will be voting on February 5th (along with many other states) and so I have been researching issues and candidates.

By the way, if you are undecided as I am, then this link might help you learn more about each candidate and where they stand and how you agree with their ideologies.

I am curious – how do you vote? Do you vote for “top contenders”? Or do you just focus on whose stand you agree with most? I have always thought you voted for the person you lined up with the best, but my mom pointed out that you could be wasting your vote if you cast it for someone who is not likely to win. She pointed out that it’s like giving the opposite party your vote. I can see her point, but at the same time the idealist in me insists that I shouldn’t vote for someone if I prefer someone else.

Other thoughts I’ve been thinking at this time: Is it an American responsibility to follow the news, politics, and vote? Is it a Christian’s responsibility to do so?

What current issues in the United States right now are very important to you? Which issues don’t you care as much about? Would you vote for a candidate that took an opposite stand as you on those issues? (i.e. if you were anti-abortion, would you vote for a candidate who is pro-choice?)

Just some thoughts whirling around my brain right now. :-)

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