a year in pictures

a year in pictures

I debated for a while about whether I should do yet ANOTHER year-in-review type post. Then I thought, this is MY blog. I can do what I want. :-) But since picture posts tend to get long, I’m going to divide up the post so it doesn’t clutter up the page. Enjoy, my dear readers! (Thanks to Amanda for the idea!)

This year I got a DSLR (a Nikon D40x). I’ve enjoyed taking pictures! I’m not really that good, and I don’t try hard enough most of the time, but I enjoy pictures. So here is are the best from this year, in semi-chronological order. (You can see all my pictures on my flickr page here.)

Paul and Jera

Lewis and Ebony

Mei Lan

North Georgia Mountains

So pretty

Paul and I


The Dog Park

Zay at her wedding

Jera helping Paul

Joanna and Jera





Zoey in Orlando

Paul looks so tiny

Our living room

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