as promised

as promised

I did take pictures of our new apartment! And those of you who check my Flickr probably already saw them. You can see them all here.

Welcome to our apartment. Make sure you wipe your paws!

Our living room, already decorated some for Christmas.

The dining room, which is being used as a second sitting area and an office. I have a lot of work I want to do to this area, especially since I spend so much time here! Our table and chairs are behind the loveseat, kinda in between the living room and the dining room.

Our nice and big kitchen. I like it better than the townhouse, actually, but I miss the skylight.

I felt like our kitchen was really stark, so I took out the closet doors and put up a colorful curtain in its place. This table is what we were using for our computers in the townhouse; it is now a nice surface for our kitchen.

Our bedroom, very messy (as usual). Moving on now…

The guest/hall bathroom. We haven’t set up our bathroom yet, so we’ve been using this one. Our bathroom is just off our bedroom.

The guest room. Most of the stuff in here is “to be sold”. I am hoping that once we get it out of here we’ll be able to make it look a lot more organized and clean. I’m hoping to get a sewing machine and put it in here, too. To the right is a sliding glass door that goes on to the porch.

Our nice big porch where my kitties love to hang out, even though it’s cold! On the right of the picture is a sliding glass door that takes you to the living room, so you can make a circle through our apartment! Zoey enjoyed that.
So there you go. I actually like this better than the townhouse. The townhouse was nice, but there was a lot of wasted space. We didn’t really need anything so big. This apartment is smaller and cozier, but it’s not small by any means. We feel like we could be here a few years, which is good because maybe by then we’ll be able to purchase something. I’m hoping to paint and make it feel more homey.

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