my apartment smells like curry

my apartment smells like curry

Last week Paul mentioned that his brother’s birthday was today (the 15th – I guess technically yesterday). So, I suggested we invite Jeremiah over for dinner and cake. I called Jeremiah earlier this week to ask him what he wanted to eat. (In my family, you always got to pick what to have for dinner on your birthday. Half of my birthdays, I didn’t get a choice – we just had leftover turkey. The other birthdays, I requested beef-a-roni. Anyways, this is besides the point.)

I was mentally thinking of the foods that I know Paul’s family loves – tacos, fajitas, enchiladas… All things I have learned to make! So I was a bit surprised when he requested Thai food.

I have never had Thai food in my life. Cooking something that I’ve never tasted was a bit daunting for me, especially when I’m cooking for someone who obviously loves it enough to request it on his birthday! I was at a loss of what to do, and on the verge of asking Paul if we could just go to a Thai restaurant, when a friend made an invaluable suggestion.

Wednesday night I attending a jewelry party at a new friends’ house. I managed to catch her between football conversations and mentioned my quandary of what to do about Jeremiah’s birthday dinner. (By the way, I’m kidding about the football comment. Monica’s a lovely hostess who can talk about all sorts of things of general interest! :-)) Monica suggested I check out the Asian foods aisle at the grocery store, where they had prepackaged stuff. I hadn’t even considered that! I can do mixes like that. :-)

So, today I perused the Asian foods aisle and finally selected a Chicken & Rice dinner that looked fairly doable. (Remember, I don’t like to fry things – which includes stir-fry.) It turned out pretty good. It was really easy, and I think Jeremiah liked it! I hope so anyways. I also had a chocolate cake for dessert.

After dinner we took Jeremiah home, and when we got back I was greeted by a strong smell in our apartment! Paul said it’s probably the curry. He can’t tell, because his nose is currently out of commission due to a head cold. I don’t think I’m a big fan of curry!

Of course, now I have to interject a short dialog that I always think of when I think of curry. This is from Gilmore Girls (did you expect anything else?), season 2, episode 16: “There’s the Rub“.

LORELAI: Who was that?
RORY: Sandeep’s.
LORELAI: Oh, you’re ordering the Indian food?
RORY: Yup.
LORELAI: Good, enjoy. Can you burn the house down afterward, ‘cause that’s the only way we’ll get the smell out.
RORY: Absolutely.

[later in the episode]

RORY: What are you doing here?
JESS: Well, Luke figured since you’re along tonight that maybe you wouldn’t have any food in the house, so he sent over a care package.
RORY: I don’t need a care package. I ordered food from Sandeep’s.
JESS: Really? Planning on burning down the house afterwards?
RORY: Jess.
JESS: The only way to kill the smell.

Since I don’t plan on burning down my apartment, I guess I’ll just live with it for now. :-) It was a fun experiment, anyways. Next time I’ll say, “Which do you want? Tacos or fajitas?”

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