eight hours, two cats, and a dog later…

eight hours, two cats, and a dog later…

I made it!

Today I attempted something I’ve never done before: I drove to Orlando with all the animals – by myself.

What an experience! It actually went fine. At a few points, ALL three animals were in the driver’s seat with me! Hehe. After the first hour, though, they settled down and didn’t bother me at all for the rest of the trip. I’m used to driving to Orlando by myself, I’m used to traveling with the cats, and I’m used to traveling with Zoey – just not all at once. I hope now we’re all best friends.

So here I am, in Orlando until this weekend, visiting my mom and my grandparents. Tomorrow is my Grandfather’s 80th birthday! So we’re going to celebrate. :-) I am also getting to see Joanna, which will be very nice!

Other plans for this week: we are going to the fabric store to find fabric for my kitchen. I want to replace the ugly sliding doors in front of the laundry closet with a bright and cheerful curtain. So I brought one of my plates, and we’re going to find something that matches. My mom is then going to let me use her machine to sew the curtains. I also want her to teach me how to quilt! We also plan to rent a movie (with a coupon for a free movie rental!) – something girly that I wouldn’t be able to watch with Paul. :-) I need shoes, too – perhaps we can hit up the outlet mall. And, of course, talk a lot and hang out. Should be a fun week!

I miss Paul though. This is the first time since we’ve been married that we’ve been apart. And, since we share one cell phone and don’t have a landline, we can’t even talk this week! (Paul does have his sidekick, but he got the data only plan which means we pay by the minute.) We’ll survive, I know. When Paul was in Ireland we only got to talk once a month, and I survived then.

Oh and something funny from my trip:

I had stopped at Wendy’s and was in line. The guy in front of me in line mentioned something about the cops being out. I said, “Yeah they sure are thick today, aren’t they?” (I saw SO many cops today!)

The guy responded, “Yeah it’s because of Bush…” (blah blah blah, goes on about how Bush somehow is responsible for there being more cops on the road…) Then he turned to me and said, “Well it will all be better when Hillary gets elected! Go Hillary for 08!” He held up his hand for a high-five.

I hesitated. “I’m sorry, but I can’t slap to that,” I said.

He looked incredulous. “Why not? She’s the best we got!”

“I can’t agree with you.” When he pressed me, I said, “I’d really rather not get into politics!” He was really nice at that point, and wished me a good rest of the day.

I just thought it was funny. :-) This next election is going to be very interesting!

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