taking a break from spackling and painting

taking a break from spackling and painting

Sorry I’ve been scarce here these past few days! It’s been very busy. First, my sister was here last weekend for her fall break! It was so great to be with her. I have pictures from our romp in the park but those will have to come later.

Last week Paul and I went in to sign our lease (can you believe we’ve been here a year already?!), and on impulse we asked if they had anything else available. And they did! For about $100/mo less, which made it worth it to us to move. Our new apartment is not a townhouse, but it’s about the same size and we’ll be able to get a screened in porch. We’re excited about that because of the animals. The cats especially – they love watching birds and squirrels and feeling the outside air.

So, we move this weekend. It’s all happening so quickly! But we’re excited. Paul is taking some time off work and we’ve been crazily packing all week. Also I have been painting over our beautiful living room walls, turning it back to white. :-( I’m just glad that it’s only one room! I am also filling in the holes – some of them were really big.

I should get back to that. I apologize, but I think I probably won’t write again until next week when we are all moved in! This has been one crazy month, let me tell you. Hopefully things settle down and I’ll be able to write more regularly. In the meantime, I have a few posts in my drafts folder that I should finish and post, to entertain you while I’m gone. :-) Then I promise I will put up pictures of the new place!

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