church stuff

church stuff

I originally published this post on September 24th. However, a lot was on my mind at the time and I don’t think the post was very well written. Since I am a perfectionist, I am rewriting it. :-)

First off, in my “sabbatical” post I hinted at some big news: “A lot of things have been happening here… I can’t share all of them because I need to inform the appropriate people first.”

Several people thought that I meant I was pregnant. I apologize for being vague and confusing! No, I’m not pregnant. The news that I was hinting at there was that this summer Paul and I made the decision to change churches.

I attended a church near my apartment when I first moved here, and was later joined by Paul when he moved here. (This was the same church where we got married, for those of you who were able to come to our wedding.) We liked it okay, but as time went on we realized that it wasn’t really the perfect fit for us. I talked about this in this post.

I didn’t want to say anything about this until I emailed our friends at our former church. We attended both churches on and off all summer (when we were in town), and now that the fall activities at our new church have gotten underway, we have decided to stay there full-time. We really like this new church; it’s a combination of what we each have grown up with (the style of Paul’s background, and the doctrine of my background).

One of the things we’re most excited about is the active Newlyweds Sunday School class that they have there. There are about 15-20 couples in the class, and we’re looking forward to getting to know them better. This “semester”, the class is studying a book called “Managing Your Finances God’s Way”, which is perfect timing for us. Not only am I enjoying the fellowship, but I am looking forward to learning more from our leaders.

I was going to write more on this, but then I realized that everything was summed up in the post I linked to above. So, I don’t want to repeat myself and I’ll end now. :-)

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