birthday princess for the day

birthday princess for the day

Today I secretly hacked into Beth’s blog and changed her banner:

I love surprising people for their birthdays. :-)

So today is Beth’s birthday, the day I like to celebrate the pleasure of knowing her! I first met Beth sometime during my freshman year at Taylor, when we both lived in Gerig Hall. Then, I knew her as Lamp and she and Paul concocted an… interesting… spelling of soccer. We have enjoyed each other’s friendship since then, as suitemates, college friends, phone friends, blog friends, and also AIM friends. Ah, Beth, I miss those 3am conversations about… relationships… (yeah, that was it), or calling you after work when you were teaching your 3 year old class, or going out for drinks the day you graduated. :-) Here are some pictures from the past few years, for your enjoyment (mostly taken by other people):

Beth, the Big Suite Model – when we dubbed our suite “jungle suite”. Of course, notice the monkey. Beth was always about the monkeys. (Monkey slippers!)

From Spring Break 2003 – going down to Orlando. Beth loved sticking her head in pictures.

Beth, feeding ducks. Lake Eola, Orlando.

Insert your own caption here.

Beth’s bridal shower. We were helping her get ready for her wedding!

Beth, proudly displaying one of her bridal shower gifts. Do you remember your response to this present, Beth??

The typical Beth look, from her wedding day.

Meeting Olivia for the first time, 2005.

Olivia was the flower girl for our wedding. I wish I had a picture of me, Beth, and Olivia from that day, but alas I don’t.

From the Gerig reunion a few months ago. Beth with Benjamin.

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