hooray! polls!

hooray! polls!

I need the help of my readers! I have been blogging for 3 years now, and I am feeling a bit direction-less when it comes to my blog. I cover a lot of different subjects, and none of them in depth. I can get a lot of comments, but usually only on a few posts… many times posts I work hard on and are proud of don’t get a single comment. That’s okay – I don’t comment on every post I read, either. I don’t even comment on every post I WANT to comment on. I’m just wondering if what I am writing is not very interesting to people. I know I can always work on my style and my smoothness, but what about the subjects? What do you want to read? Below I’ve made a poll for my readers to fill out to help give me an idea for writing topics. I included six options and an “other” category. If you select “other”, could you leave a comment with what you are thinking? Also, I will say that I will probably continue to write on a fairly wide range of topics. I may just pick a topic or two to focus on, and the other things I will write about less. Also, I may pick a topic and then find I don’t have much to say, and change my mind later.

And since you’re having so much fun, I have one last poll for you. I’m curious why you read my blog. Again, if you mark “Other” please leave a comment letting me know specifically what you are thinking.

I am looking forward to seeing the results when I get back from Labor Day weekend in North Carolina! Please, any advice or ideas you have to give are welcome!

P.S. Now that the polls are already made, I thought of a few more things. For “subjects”, please consider home decorating and stories from growing up as a missionary kid. If you like those ideas, or want to select more than one, just leave your thoughts in a comment. For “why you read”, check “other” if you are only stopping by, and leave a comment letting me know how you got here and if you think you’ll be back!

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