i hate august in atlanta

i hate august in atlanta

These past few weeks have been really bad. This week alone has been very stressful at work! My parents are also visiting, which I love, but I feel like I haven’t been able to focus on them. We’re also trying to figure out Labor Day plans, and it’s not going as smoothly as I would like.

So, to catch you up! We got a dog named Zoey. She’s adorable, and it has been a pleasure to have her. We keep calling her “Jera”, and sometimes I catch myself so it becomes “Joey”. (And once, I referred to Jera as “Zera”. I’m all mixed up!) One thing I love about her is that she is doing okay as an off-leash dog for small distances, like taking her into the front yard to “do her business”. I have a feeling she will grow out of this, but it’s nice right now.

Zoey is a little too young to be all day in her crate while we’re at work. She can hold herself for about 4 hours during the daytime (she has been sleeping through the night okay). So the original plan was for me to bring her to work, put her in a cage in the unused basement of our office, and then I could slip down there every couple of hours. That worked fine for a little while before I noticed droppings around her cage. Turns out, we had rats and/or opossums visiting us. Because Zoey was in a cage, I didn’t want to put her down there with creatures who might bother her or scare her.

So the next plan was to leave her at home, and I would return at lunch to walk her. However, I chose the hottest week of the year to do this! Let me tell you, Atlanta is HOT in August, and the humidity is awful!! (Last I heard, we’d had 9 days over 100 degrees!) And walking 2 miles in the middle of the day, while trying to maintain a decent appearance for work, is NOT fun. I did the walk 2 days before I decided that I couldn’t do it anymore. I told Paul we needed to fix his car or buy a new one (yeah, remember how his car broke a few weeks er, months ago? it’s been just sitting ever since :-)).

Paul opted for the fixing-car route. We decided to fix it, drive it for a few weeks, and then sell it when the weather gets a bit cooler. On Monday, Paul took it into the shop and we got a new radiator and all that junk fixed! The good thing is we went ahead and fixed the “Check Engine” problem. That light has been going on and off the whole time I’ve had this car, and the mechanic told us it wasn’t anything major so we didn’t bother to fix it. However, if we’re going to sell it, I feel better about at least trying to fix all known problems. So, it’s happy now. No more light. And a new radiator.

Of course, we’ve had some rain come and cool down the temperature this week! We’ve only needed one fan at night!! (In addition to the air conditioner, of course, which we finally turned down from 82 to 78 to combat the heat.) That’s been nice. I think God makes August so hot in order to help us appreciate the fall even more. :-)

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