to nashville and back

to nashville and back

This weekend was very busy. On Friday, my brother, his girlfriend, and my mom came up for a visit! AJ and Molly headed to Six Flags on Saturday, while my mom and I attended the wedding of some family friends. My friend Beth was a bridesmaid at the wedding (her sister was the bride), so we got to hang out and catch up! It was good to see her again, and talk about her moving back to Georgia. ;-) I miss hanging out with her! Only 2 more years, right, Beth?

Sunday was my brother’s birthday, so we had planned for a picnic at Stone Mountain. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate, so we just have everyone over to my apartment. Beth came over as well as my aunt, and we enjoyed ourselves. Around mid-afternoon Paul and I left for Nashville to look for Jera one last time. We’re getting to know that route quite well!

We arrived around 7:30pm central time, and started going door-to-door, passing out fliers and asking people if they’d seen Jera. No one had, but they were all kind and encouraging. One guy seemed as concerned as we were! We gave up the search when it got dark, and returned to Bethany’s house. She had other plans, but Paul and I made ourselves comfortable by watching M*A*S*H (Bethany has cable!) and then Love Actually (I really do like that movie).

On Monday (yesterday) we hit the road and went door-to-door in the neighborhood next to Bethany’s. We had a brief period of hope when everyone we asked told us about a beagle they had seen! Playing over there! We were so excited! But then we found the dog… And it wasn’t Jera… But it was another beagle who looked so much like her! We were disappointed and to be honest, it was hard to keep going. I am so glad the people in that neighborhood were so kind and helpful. We put up signs everywhere and then passed out more fliers to nearby vets and shelters. Finally, around 6pm we headed home to Atlanta.

So now we’re back, without Jera, and not really sure what else to do. I think because it’s 4 hours away there isn’t much more we can do long-distance. I’m glad we went up once, though. We’ll see in the next week or two, as the signs we put up run their course. It’s supposed to rain every day this week up there so we’ll see how long the duct tape lasts.

In the meantime, I bookmarked this site for possible future consideration.

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