finding Jera

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I have made a page for Jera, with all the links and a picture. If you know anyone in or around the Franklin, TN area could you please pass on the link? (You can also use the button and put it on your own blog if you want.) Hopefully if we get enough people on the lookout for her, someone will see her and turn her in! She has a microchip in her, so all we need is someone to take her to a vet or shelter and have her scanned.

I think at this point, all we can do is pray that she is safe and that someone finds her and turns her in. I am debating going back up to Franklin to hang more posters, and maybe visit some shelters. (According to the websites I’ve read, it seems that doing everything in person is the best way. They don’t offer much hope for if your puppy goes missing in another state!) “Praying without ceasing” has taken on a whole new meaning to me these past few days.

Thanks for all your prayers, phone calls, and encouraging emails. They have meant so much!