365 days

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One year ago today, Emily stood at our reception and sang this song:

You’re Still the One (Shania Twain)
Looks like we made it
Look how far we’ve come my baby
We mighta took the long way
We knew we’d get there someday

They said, “I bet they’ll never make it”
But just look at us holding on
We’re still together still going strong

(You’re still the one)
You’re still the one I run to
The one that I belong to
You’re still the one I want for life
(You’re still the one)
You’re still the one that I love
The only one I dream of
You’re still the one I kiss good night

And how true that song is! One year later, I am still so excited to be Paul’s wife. I look forward to the end of each day, when I get to see him. Even after all this time, I never tire of him. Sure we’ve fought, but we’ve also laughed together and cried together and experienced life together. He is an amazing guy and I am so glad he loves me!

For those who missed the wedding pictures last time, click here for a recap. :-) And six months ago, I posted our wedding vows. I think it’s good for me to reread them every so often!

a whole new look and feel

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I am so excited to share with y’all my newly designed blog! This past week I was helping Beth set up her blog over at The Natural Mommy, and going through all the WordPress templates made me want to redesign my blog too. :-) I’m really excited about how everything turned out! I’m still tweaking some stuff, but for the most part I’m done.

One thing I want to point out about this template… You see the big number to the left of the post title? That’s the number of comments. You can click there to read or leave comments. In anticipation of that being confusing, I also added a link underneath the post title for comments.

The font I used for my header is called “Girls Are Weird“. (I am always curious about fonts I come across on websites and blogs! So, now you don’t have to wonder about my font. And you can download it for yourself. :-)) The image is from istockphoto.com. Isn’t it cute?? I love some of the illustrations you can find on that site.

Well I should get to bed. Big day tomorrow! We have some special anniversary plans, which finally just came together tonight. (Yay!) Can you believe it’s been a year already?? Tomorrow is also Peruvian Independence day. Not that we’ll do anything special for that, though I may burst into a rendition of “Somos Libres…

rockin blogger!

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It has taken me a while to write this post, due to being distracted first with the Gerig Hall Reunion (more about this later!) and then with Jera (more about that…. whenever we have something new to report).

A week or two ago, Amanda at following an unknown path passed on an award to me! I was really excited when I read that. I started reading Amanda’s blog a few months ago, and I have been blessed by her writings. She is a single tentmaker missionary in Taiwan, and I appreciate her love for the Taiwanese culture and her desire to follow God – even to another country! And if you stick around her blog long enough then you get to learn a bit about Taiwan that you probably didn’t know! I think it’s good for us to learn about other cultures, so I recommend you check Amanda’s blog out.

Amanda passed on two awards:
Blogger Reflection Award

Rockin Girl Blogger

I am incredibly honored, and excited to pass these awards on to some of my favorite blogs.

Joanna @ Keeping Feet
Joanna is a friend of mine from college, and I appreciate her thoughtful and insightful posts. She is in a similar place in life as me – newly married, trying to figure out how to live life in this new grown-up world. She covers all kinds of topics, but she has recently been posting a lot about frugality, Christianity, and current events (she also has a cooking blog called Sunflowers in My Kitchen). She also has thoughtful and gracious posts about Christianity and our relationships with God. It always makes me think, and while we don’t see eye-to-eye on everything, I enjoy being challenged by her.

Lindsey @ Enjoy the Journey
I’m a bit of a lurker on Lindsey’s blog, but I have loved her writing ever since I first started reading about a year ago. She is a stay-at-home homeschooling mom of three kids in NC. As someone interested in homeschooling someday, I love her helpful homeschooling posts. I also enjoy her candid thoughts on other areas. She calls it like she sees it, and I love her for not being too shy to admit that she likes to crank her iPod to worship music and dance around the house. She also blogs about frugality on her second blog (also recommended), Finding Contentment in the Suburbs.

Lizzie @ A Dusty Frame
I’m definitely a lurker over at A Dusty Frame, but I have to say that no blog has touched me as deeply as this one. As a single mother with her husband in prison, Lizzie tackles the hard days along with the good ones. She has moved me to see beyond the social stigma and have compassion for the families of prisoners. One thing I love about her blog is that she has taken pains to be anonymous. This brave woman could be anyone – she could be someone I pass walking down the street, or see on the train, or attending my church. God has spoken to me through this blog like no other, and I think you’ll find the same as you read through her posts.

Beth @ The Natural Mommy
Beth is a friend of mine from college. She has recently decided to shift focuses on her blog, and she has moved her blog to a new address. I am excited about this! Beth is a young mommy of two – her daughter was a flower girl at our wedding last year. She posts a lot on mommy topics, and is a big advocate of natural methods. Look forward to future posts going more in-depth in these areas. :-)

Olivia @ Olivia’s Thoughts On All Kinds of Stuff
Olivia is a friend of mine from high school, and I was excited to discover her blog recently. She is very introspective and enjoys posting more thoughtful posts on culture (movies, music, tv shows) to politics to other things. Olivia and I disagree on a few issues, but she challenges me to think. She is really going to make an impact on the world – of that I am sure.

to nashville and back

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This weekend was very busy. On Friday, my brother, his girlfriend, and my mom came up for a visit! AJ and Molly headed to Six Flags on Saturday, while my mom and I attended the wedding of some family friends. My friend Beth was a bridesmaid at the wedding (her sister was the bride), so we got to hang out and catch up! It was good to see her again, and talk about her moving back to Georgia. ;-) I miss hanging out with her! Only 2 more years, right, Beth?

Sunday was my brother’s birthday, so we had planned for a picnic at Stone Mountain. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate, so we just have everyone over to my apartment. Beth came over as well as my aunt, and we enjoyed ourselves. Around mid-afternoon Paul and I left for Nashville to look for Jera one last time. We’re getting to know that route quite well!

We arrived around 7:30pm central time, and started going door-to-door, passing out fliers and asking people if they’d seen Jera. No one had, but they were all kind and encouraging. One guy seemed as concerned as we were! We gave up the search when it got dark, and returned to Bethany’s house. She had other plans, but Paul and I made ourselves comfortable by watching M*A*S*H (Bethany has cable!) and then Love Actually (I really do like that movie).

On Monday (yesterday) we hit the road and went door-to-door in the neighborhood next to Bethany’s. We had a brief period of hope when everyone we asked told us about a beagle they had seen! Playing over there! We were so excited! But then we found the dog… And it wasn’t Jera… But it was another beagle who looked so much like her! We were disappointed and to be honest, it was hard to keep going. I am so glad the people in that neighborhood were so kind and helpful. We put up signs everywhere and then passed out more fliers to nearby vets and shelters. Finally, around 6pm we headed home to Atlanta.

So now we’re back, without Jera, and not really sure what else to do. I think because it’s 4 hours away there isn’t much more we can do long-distance. I’m glad we went up once, though. We’ll see in the next week or two, as the signs we put up run their course. It’s supposed to rain every day this week up there so we’ll see how long the duct tape lasts.

In the meantime, I bookmarked this site for possible future consideration.