we graduated!

we graduated!

We graduated!

Last January, Paul and I enrolled Jera in an 8-week puppy training class. It was a lot of work, but it all paid off in the end. Jera learned how to sit, lie down, stay, rollover, come, and a few other commands that she didn’t learn very well.

Overall, it has really made a difference! Jera is calmer and more disciplined. Paul and I have a better understanding about puppies and how their minds work, which can translate to other things we’re trying to teach her. (Example, how to keep her off the couch?) Even though we didn’t master some of the more difficult commands, I am satisfied that we got what I wanted from the class.

So, next time you come for a visit, you should let Jera show you how she can sit, lie down, and rollover. She has learned to sit when we put the leash on her, and to sit when we’re preparing her food. We can put her food down, and say “stay!” and she won’t move until we say “okay!” What a smart puppy! :-)

Well I don’t think she’ll be trying out to be a seeing eye dog anytime soon ;-) but I think we’re pretty pleased with the result. Now… to get potty training down!!

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