shooting at CNN

shooting at CNN

Thank God Paul is okay. This is right where he works.

EDIT: From the CNN article’s Simit Shah said he heard a loud noise and saw two people in front of a doorway visible from the newsroom. “At first they were moving in a manner that made me believe that they were running from something, but it then became clear that they were struggling,” he said.

“They crashed into the a potted plant near the door, and then I heard the other shots in quick succession. At that point, it was clear to me that this was gunfire,” he said.

The person quoted in that story is Paul’s supervisor, which tells you how close Paul was to the whole situation. Paul said his area was evacuated, but soon everything settled down. It seems the woman who was shot was pregnant, and she did not make it. So that makes 2 dead. :-(

Just another day at the office…

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