I want a pet bunny!

Paul and I saw the cutest little bunnies at a pet shop in the mall last Sunday.

When I was growing up in Peru, they sold pet bunnies at the market where we frequented. I loved to pet them and see their cute little ears and wiggly noses. One day, I was trying to come up with a present for my sister’s birthday. I constructed this elaborate plan where I would go down to the market – by myself – buy a little bunny from the money in my piggy bank, and give it to Amy. I knew my parents would be so mad, but after I’d bought the bunny we’d have to keep it!

I can’t remember why I didn’t go through with the plan. Perhaps at age 11 it was harder to get away and go down to the market by myself. Perhaps I didn’t have enough money in my piggy bank. Perhaps I decided to stay on my parents’ good side. Poor Amy. No bunnies. (She would have loved the present though!!)

My brother-in-law summed me up in a sentence yesterday: “You just want to take everything cute and pull it toward yourself and hold onto it for all time.”

Yep, that’s pretty much it.

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