Ikea and more decorating

Ikea and more decorating

Well it’s been such a fun weekend with my parents! My mom came last Wednesday, and my dad drove up from Orlando on Thursday. They had commitments on Friday night and Sunday morning, but the rest of the time was spent with us! We had such a great time. My mom absolutely loved Jera, which thrilled me. We started letting Jera run around the house off the leash! It’s such a change for us, because now we are able to be in the living room where it is much warmer. We also have to be a lot more careful about things like open doors. Jera has discovered that shoes are yummy to chew! So we need to find another spot for our shoes… (Currently, they are in the hallway since we always kick them off as we enter the house.)

Bethany came down from Nashville to visit on Friday night. It was so great having her here! I miss my Taylor friends… And she is so much fun to talk to and hang out with. :-) I just wish she lived closer. It was fun.

On Saturday, we went to Ikea and spent 4 hours or so there. It was so much fun! First, my mom and I had lunch ($4 for two meals… not bad!) and then we walked around, looking at all the cool furniture and the awesome room setups. Then my dad joined us about halfway through. When we finished, we checked out and got a phone call from Paul who had gotten off work. While we were waiting for him to get to Ikea via the train, we decided to go look at the sections my dad missed. We had gotten to the part where my dad joined us before, and Paul arrived. So we finished looking at everything and even backtracked a little bit. So much fun. :-) Paul and I decided to get two small, narrow bookcases for either side of the TV to help clean that area up a little bit. We wanted ones that were black, to match the TV stand. However, the white ones were half the price. So we got the brilliant idea to buy the whites ones and spray paint them black. Yay! I am excited about that. We have to wait until the weather warms – apparently, it needs to be between 50 and 90 degrees to spray paint. At Ikea, I also picked up some curtain rods which my dad hung today. We went to buy curtains, but couldn’t find any long enough! They need to be about 7 feet, so I think I’m going to go ahead and make them. I’m a bit relieved about that, because now I will be able to pick out the exact color and fabric I want.

My mom and I talked a lot about the living room, and she suggested that instead of painting it red, I look into doing wallpaper (since I’m only doing the bottom half). She said wallpaper would be 10 times easier than trying to paint over red paint when we move. It’s an idea – we’ll see if we can find what I want. Paul and I found dark brown slipcovers for 60% off at Kohl’s today, so we went ahead and bought them. They look really nice! I’m excited about the living room and how it’s coming together.

We also took a trip to the large Goodwill near my house. I found a recliner I liked, but after thinking about it I decided to not get it. I’m afraid the same thing is going to happen as with the couch – it’s going to be fine for a year, and then I’m going to hate it because it’s losing its padding, etc. Perhaps secondhand upholstery furniture is not for me. :-) We don’t need a recliner right now, anyway.

For now, the visitors have died down, but we’re still going to be busy this week. Jera is getting spayed on Thursday! I also am going to be crazy busy at work, I can tell. It’s supposed to warm up this week to over 50 degrees, so I’m sure we’ll be busy spray-painting bookcases! :-D

Okay, bedtime for now…

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