decorating help

decorating help

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So I am in need of some serious decorating help! Paul and I moved into our new townhouse almost three months ago. We like it, but to be honest, the living room feels so… empty and sterile. This is where you come in! I need some decorating ideas. First, here are pictures of the living room now.

(I was going to tidy up before taking the picture, but then I decided the before/after effect would be more dramatic with the clutter!)

The desire:

The stipulations:

  • I’m not allowed to buy any new furniture (although I can mix and match with furniture we already own).
  • Since we most likely will be moving in a year or two, I don’t want to buy things so specific that I can’t reuse it in a new house.
  • I am already planning on painting the bottom half of the wall (from the chair rail down), but I don’t want to paint the whole wall
  • I am planning to buy or make curtains, but I need to decide what color and style (as you see, the windows are quite narrow… about 2 ft.)
  • I am willing to buy a sofa/loveseat slipcovers if I can find them for a good price and the color I want. I really hate the sofa but I’m stuck with it for now, so covering it up would be good. :-)
  • I’d love to have some greenery but I’m HORRIBLE with live plants… so fake plants perhaps?

Okay, feel free to pelt me with your ideas! I think the biggest thing I want is a clear theme or color scheme… I can go from there usually, but right now I just feel so frustrated and at a loss with where to start. So any help you can give will be very appreciated! :-)

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