spam comments and Linux

spam comments and Linux

So I’ve been having trouble with spam comments. I downloaded and used Aksimet, which was really good, but it blocked a few okay comments too. I was getting complaints from people whose comments were going straight to the spam filter and never seeing the light of day on my blog. So, I disabled the spam filter but now I’m having to wade through tons of spam on my blog. (It all gets chucked into the “moderate” queue, but still I get emailed every time.) What I don’t really get is they’re commenting on really old posts. I have a plug-in that automatically closes comments to all posts over 21 days old. So, I’m wondering, how are these spammers able to leave comments? Is it that the pages are cached?

So I have more pictures of Jera, but since the desktop is on the fritz then I haven’t gotten them off my camera yet. Actually, I have a funny story about that. Before we got married, Paul and I each had a desktop computer, and we decided to make one the Windows machine and one the Linux machine. We rearranged all the “innards” so one computer would have the better pieces. (Hehe I keep using the pronoun “we” but it was in fact all Paul and some my brother). Then we set about installing windows, but something went wrong (it’s the drivers, Paul thinks), and the computer keeps randomly restarting. It’s VERY annoying, trust me!

In the meantime, Paul downloaded Ubantu (Linux) on the laptop and burned a CD so he could install that on the other desktop. However, he was having trouble getting the Linux desktop to read it, so he stuck it into the Windows desktop to see if it was a bad disk image.

Well several days went by and we were so busy with Jera that we didn’t really touch the desktops. Then one night Paul goes over to the Windows desktop – which he had left on – and noticed something. It had randomly restarted, as it always does, but this time there was a boot disc in the CD ROM drive. So all by itself, the Windows desktop erased Windows (or whatever it does), and installed Ubantu. So…. that cured our problems with the restarting but now we still need to get Windows on that computer! We’re kind of stuck right now because Paul doesn’t really know what else to do. Any computer gurus want to come take a stab at it? :-) And yes I know what you’re going to say, why don’t we just leave it as Linux? Perhaps we will…. but only if we are able to successfully install and run Adobe CS2 in Linux. Otherwise, it will have to be a Windows computer. I am not going to let $1200 worth of software sit in the box. :-)

We just think it’s funny that an operating system was completely installed without us doing anything. See folks how easy it is to install Linux??

By the way, my mom’s in Peru right now!! You can read more about her trip on my parents’ blog. And Melissa left on Thursday to go overseas; please keep her in your prayers!

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