more about commenting

more about commenting

You may notice a new feature in my commenting form that requires you to add two numbers. I’m hoping this will help in the spam. I turned off Akismet (my spam filter) again, and this morning had a million spam comments waiting for moderation. Hmm… Anyone have ideas as to how they are able to bypass this?

I turned Akismet back on. Please email me if you leave a comment and it doesn’t appear.

Paul and I spent the weekend cleaning for several guests we’re having over this week. It look soo good now! I also did 4,000 loads of laundry which makes me happy. Does anyone else ever feel this way? I love it when all the clothes are clean and put away, and the laundry basket is empty. I feel the same way with getting all the dishes done. I still have to vacuum, but I’ll do that at lunch. I didn’t want to make so much noise so late – I wasn’t sure how much my neighbors can hear. Our place looks really nice now!!

While I was putting away my clothes, I was getting very excited about getting our bedroom set next weekend! Finally, a dresser! Then I can use the linen closet for things like linens! (Imagine that! :-)) We’re getting a headboard, dresser & mirror, and a nightstand. Perhaps we’ll save up to get the chest sometime in the future – we’ll see how much our dresser is able to hold. :-) So, I will take pictures of our upstairs once that gets in. I know, you were wondering why I only posted pictures of the downstairs? Well this is why. Everything will look happier when we get the bedroom set. :-)

One other significant thing happened this weekend. We finished watching Firefly… Now we’re sad and we’re thinking of petitioning Fox to bring the show back. ;-) (just kidding.) We went out and rented Serenity, so hopefully we’ll get to watch that before too long! We enjoyed the series a lot though (as I knew we would). At times it was a bit intense for me, and I have never been so terrified of a fictional character as I am of Reavers. The series did end too early… Paul and I were trying to figure out what network it should have been on – what network would have been more patient, letting the series develop the characters fully so we could enjoy some action-packed plotlines and always come back for more? We weren’t really sure, but we wish someone had seen the potential for Firefly besides the fans before it was pulled off the air.

Okay enough of my rant of pulling good TV shows. :-) I’ll let you know how I like Serenity!

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