Go Gators!!

Go Gators!!

gator_champion.jpgCongrats on winning yet another championship. ;-) The Gators “chewed up” the Ohio Buckeyes last night to win college football’s national championship, 41-14. This makes Florida the first school to win dual titles, first in basketball and now football.

I am proud to be related to my own Florida Gator. (BTW, AJ, Paul needs a t-shirt too. His birthday is March 20th. :-)) I could have been one, too, but I guess I went to the wrong school, didn’t I, AJ? ;-) Nah I am glad I went to Taylor. But I do love healthy school pride; it’s fun, and the energy of everyone rooting for the same thing is amazing!

Stadium picture: My brother and parents were there! Can you see them? Can you see anything but orange?


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