goals for 2007

goals for 2007

I think the beginning of a year is a perfect time to be reflective on where I am in life, and where I am heading. I know some changes are needed, and I’m trying to remain optimistic about them. I get overwhelmed because perfectionist that I am, I look at an area of my life and thing discouragingly “Oh there’s so much more to be done!”. BUT…. Thanks to the ideas behind FLYLady and her 15-minute principles, I have a better plan about achieving my goals.

So here they are, in writing. Perhaps in December I’ll go back through and see how I did. :-)

Goal #1: Get my weight down so I can fit comfortably into all my old clothing from a year ago. (Basically, 1 or 2 pant sizes.) More importantly than losing weight is getting on a healthy diet and exercise plan. I intend to lose weight by eating healthy and balanced meals, snacking less, eating fast food less, and exercising more.

Goal #2: Be intentional about paying off our loans. This means sticking to the budget we have made, even if I have to give up luxuries I’ve quickly become accustomed to. (This one will be difficult!) We want to save up for the big things instead of just buying them without looking at our budget, and shop with cash instead of debit cards. We will put our extra money on the principle of our loans so we can watch them go away! I have them all listed in the order we want to pay them off, so it will be good to see them going away. I also am thinking about pursuing debt counseling in order to make sure we are approaching this in the wisest way.

Goal #3: Cook more at home. This means planning a weekly menu, and following through with it. This also goes back to the first goal, to eat healthier. I did well tonight and made meat loaf and green bean casserole. :-) It was good and easy. Perhaps it will become a family favorite.

Goal #4: Develop a plan to keep the house clean and organized. I have an excellent book that I got for our wedding that has offered some wise guidance. I want to start with the 15 minutes a day tackling different areas of the house – something manageable, not too overwhelming, yet beneficial.

Goal #5: Finish the wedding thank-you notes. I know, I am HORRIBLE. *hangs head in shame*

Goal #6: Make time for daily devotions and prayer. Keep God first in my life; be in prayer about life decisions. I always need to improve in this area.

Now we’ll see how I do!

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