quickly, before I leave

quickly, before I leave

I have 6 minutes left before I can leave work. Our server has been down for the past hour so I haven’t been able to do anything. It crashed when I was in the middle of one ad, so I’m really hoping that I didn’t lose my work!

Yesterday at our staff meeting we voted to use mainly InDesign instead of Quark starting January 1st!! I’m so excited. I’ve been lobbying for this since I started working here a year and a half ago. I was glad the other designers are on board with the idea too. It will be a difficult learning curve, especially since we are constantly under deadlines and trying to crank out as many ads as possible, but I know it will be better in the long run.

We are slowly unpacking. We discovered a few delicious finds at a thrift store on Sunday, including a coffee table and a nice comfy desk chair for Paul. As soon as the place looks less chaotic, I promise to post pictures. We have 7 days until my sister comes for Thanksgiving; my goal is to get the whole house decently acceptable by then! Or, at least the guest room in a presentable state. :-)

So we won’t be getting internet at home until Thursday or Saturday. Plans changed and we ended up keeping our DSL instead of going with cable modem. I’m really disappointed to have to continue being a customer with BellSouth, but I’m more frustrated that our apartment is not wired for the cable provider I used to have. The previous company had a $15/mo basic cable package which allowed me to have a clear TV picture without bunny ears. This new provider doesn’t offer such a cheap package, and we really can’t justify paying $40-50 for cable just for a few shows a week that we watch. Soo… I guess we’ll be TV-less for the next year or so which makes me sad. :-( No more Gilmore Girls… I have to wait until Season 7 is released on DVD next September. (Someone please explain to me why I cannot get TV reception even with fancy bunny ears? It’s not like I’m in Upland, Indiana!)

Oh! It’s 5:34 which means I can go home now! Farewell, and I’ll be back online tomorrow. :-)

(P.S. AJ – our neighbors unfortunately got smart and secured their wireless!)

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