a townhouse for us

a townhouse for us

Today is my mom’s birthday! Happy birthday, Mom! I got to have lunch with her, which was fun. I am glad she’s in town for her birthday. :-) She and my dad are speaking tonight at a church up in Cartersville, so we’ll have a birthday celebration tomorrow.

Last night when we were out my mom asked if we could drive by our new place so they could see it. When we drove up, all the lights were on and the blinds open so we could easily tell that no one was inside (apparently the previous resident had already moved out). We then noticed that the front door was open so… we went inside. Exciting stuff! The place had already been painted and cleaned, and I was so excited to see exactly what our townhouse is going to look like! One thing is that it actually has a sunroom instead of a screened in porch, so our plans to put the litter box on the porch is foiled. I guess it will go into the laundry room (closet) like it is now. Having a stacked washer and dryer is nice. :-) Although it does mean we have to take down the shelves currently in the laundry room.

My parents seemed pleased with the townhouse, which made me happy. You know, even when you are grown and on your own, I think to a certain extent (for me anyways) you are eager for your parents’ approval on the decisions you make.

We mentally planned where to put the furniture. Let me tell you now, the furniture we have is definitely not going to fill up the place! I bought a loveseat off one of my coworkers this morning, so that will help. I have a feeling the dining room will look a little empty until we get a big table (not a priority). We were planning to make the dining an office, but it makes more sense to put the office in the sunroom.

I’m excited for moving day on Saturday. We had originally planned to just move the furniture, but now I think we’ll move everything. Paul and I have a busy few days ahead with packing. We were waiting as long as possible because there simply isn’t anywhere to put packed boxes right now. It will be good to sort through our junk – again – and throw out the unnecessary stuff. Moving always helps with that! *grin*

Okay I should get back to work and calling these places. The gas and electricity are good to go; next comes internet and phone service. Tonight we’re going to pick out our new mattress so we can move that on Saturday too. Oh, right, and I need to put up pictures for nonFacebook users. I should do that tonight… if I have time. :-p

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