So something just doesn’t seem right with this headline I saw today:

U.S. fails to protect illegal workers: petition

Here’s an example of one upset person named Jesus who fell while at work:

He required spinal reconstruction surgery, but the insurance company for Jesus’ employer refused to provide workers’ compensation to cover time off work because he was undocumented.

That’s right, illegally enter a country and then get upset because that country’s government doesn’t give you the same rights as its citizens.

And in other news, an article on piqued my interest about the current trend in auto sales in the United States. Apparently, the lower gas prices have only caused people to rush back to the gas-guzzling SUVs. This paragraph sums it up perfectly:

The supply of oil is not limitless but apparently the current generation of Americans is all too willing to exhaust it by buying more vehicle than they need and letting their children and grandchildren fend for themselves.

I know I’m fighting a losing battle with this one. I just get so frustrated by this mentality of “I need” a big car because I want to look cool or whatever. But alas, our generation is pretty selfish or so I’ve observed.

Sorry, just a few of my soapboxes.

Disclaimer: I know both of these issues are more complicated than a one paragraph rant, but I honestly don’t feel like going in depth on them right now.

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