wicked cool (err, cold)

wicked cool (err, cold)

So I am sitting here in the Providence Public Library killing time until we get to have dinner with Becky and company!! That’s right, this morning Paul and I caught a plane to Boston and after an adventure trying to rent a car being under 25 without a credit card (we’re good now), we made the rounds at Paul’s old workplace and haunting grounds in Rhode Island. We were hoping to see Paul’s former roommate (and cats), but it appears they aren’t home) so we’re chilling until either Kim answers his phone or it’s time to head to the Miller’s, whichever comes first.

Right now, I am so dead tired. We didn’t really go to bed early to offset our early rising time this morning (3:45 am) so we’re running very low on steam right now! I think standing for about two hours while we made the rounds at Paul’s office didn’t help either. It’s good to sit. And libraries are wonderful. Though a bit conducive to sleeping. Hmmm…

I’m not really sure what else to say other than that. :-) My life recently has consisted of work, headaches, and trying to get stuff done when I don’t have headaches. Work has been incredibly busy with our last really heavy fall printing time this past week. I am looking forward to the less hectic winter season. I’ve been staying late almost every day, unless I have a headache and then I go home on time if I can. The good news is I feel like I’ve been productive. We also had a clothing drive at the office that I helped organize, with a goal of 15 bags of clothes to help out a local homeless shelter we volunteered at a few months ago. By the due date, I counted around 20 bags of clothes so I was really happy!

As far as headaches, they still keep coming. I am tired of them. I wish they would stop.

AJ told me that the CT scan he had showed up negative for a brain tumor, which is good. He has an appointment with the ophthamologist tomorrow I believe. Apparently they are going to rule everything else out to see if the problems were a TIA. Am I getting the info right, AJ? The library won’t let me on AIM so I can’t verify the info with you.

Well I’m signing off for now; I probably won’t blog again until I’m back in Georgia so don’t miss me too much. :-) Bye ya’ll!

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