calling New England friends

calling New England friends

Paul and I are in the beginning stages of planning our New England reception. We’re tentatively setting the date for Friday, October 27th (a dinner reception). Our question is, does this work for the New England friends who read this blog? We’re planning on inviting everyone who lives in the area.

Also, we’re hoping that Friday night will be okay for everyone. Since we’re leaving on Sunday, we don’t really want to do it Saturday night, but if Fridays’s going to keep people from coming then we’ll do Saturday!

In other news:

“Stainton also said Irwin’s wife, American-born Terri, and his children were coping ‘quite well’ with the death.

“‘Terri is very, very strong. She’s having a lot of sad moments obviously, but she’s putting on a brave face for the kids’ sake,’ he said.”


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