apartment 1017

apartment 1017

As promised, I *finally* have pictures of our apartment rearranged! We really like it this way; it really helps open up the living and dining area.

A view from the front door, our living/dining room

The “foyer”, front door, and my computer desk

Our living room area…. When we move into the bigger apartment, we’d like to get a loveseat so we can have a more social area and not so focused on the TV

Tim & Jess gave us an awesome lamp for our wedding. It really brightens up the room! Ebony loves the kitty condo. The doorway to the bedroom is on the right.

Our foyer and the laundry closet (kitchen to the left). See the new washer/dryer?

One half of the kitchen.

The other half of the kitchen. The apartment we’re moving into in November has a huge kitchen – big enough for a little table! I’m super excited.

A peek into our bedroom.

The bed with the new quilt we got for our wedding. The curtains don’t match this new quilt (hint, hint Susan! ;-))

We moved the bookcase into the bedroom and quickly filled it up. Paul’s computer is to the left. I think Ebony likes to be photographed.

Our bathroom, not purple anymore. (So sad!)

There you have it, folks! We are moving to a new apartment in November, and I’m very excited. It’s twice as big as this apartment, 2 bedroom/2 bathroom. We’re going to have a guest room so people will come visit! The best part is the apartment complex we’re moving to is cheaper than mine now. (Well, cheaper than I would pay for a much smaller 2 bedroom at my current complex.) But I like our rearrangement, so that makes the last few months here more pleasant.

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