well, I'm off

well, I'm off

It’s 11 pm and about 2 hours after I wanted to get to bed. This evening has not going very well, starting with overall not feeling good, and ending with a missing wallet which has been found now. However, in the meantime, I am in a horrible mood and I’m tired and cranky. Poor Paul had to bear the brunt as I yelled at him for not doing the dishes I was supposed to have washed. I hate myself like this.

The good news is my living room is much cleaner than it used to be. In my desperation and frustration, I pulled out a huge black trash bag and started throwing everything away. I’m a pack rat and a neatnick, and often the two meet each other head-on as they did tonight. This usually results in massive amounts of junk (yes, junk) being thrown out. It’s probably a good thing… I do not need to be a pack rat.

Tomorrow I wake up at 4:30am and head to the airport, where I will board a plane to Indiana for Joanna‘s wedding. That will be mucho fun… I’m looking forward to it. I wish Paul could be with me, though. Poor guy… he has to stay behind. Everyone should call him if you get a chance! Make him feel not as lonely.

PLEASE PRAY for the Peruvian presidential elections coming up this Sunday. Of the two candidates who are running, one is a left-leaning nationalist who has connections with terrorist groups, wants to push foreign business out of Peru, and is a friend of Hugo Chavez of Venezuela. The other has, in the past, fled the country with millions of dollars, leaving Peru’s economy in shambles. The results of this election could have a very negative effect on the coutnry, and also (more specifically) on Wycliffe’s work in Peru. I am very concerned about this election and what it will mean for the country where I grew up. :-/

Well I need to get home so I can finish packing and go to bed and get maybe 4 hours of sleep. I will return Sunday night!

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