he didn't get the job

he didn't get the job

They liked him, but decided to promote someone internally. I guess it’s positive feedback, but it still sucks.

It’s hard not to get discouraged. I know a lot of things in my head: God provides; God will take care of us; it’s only his first interview; something else will come along. I know it all, but it’s hard to remember it as I’m looking at the numbers wondering what to do… I want to curl up and cry (thanks, hormones), but I guess I will try to be strong. A lot of people live fine on a lot less money. At least we have a place to live and transportation and the possibility of getting a job soon. God provides.

I’m just repeating that last part. You know at the end of “Miracle on 34th Street” when Susan is in the car saying over and over “I believe, I believe”. Her tone sounds very unconvinced as she says that, but she knows she can’t give up hope. Then she sees that her desire WAS granted, just not when she thought it would be.

Some may be thinking I am overreacting, but I think it’s because of some burdens that we are under right now that I haven’t really talked about at all. I KNOW it will all work out… Have faith, have hope, trust in Him…

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