last weekend

last weekend

No word on the job yet… Paul said the interview went well, but he could tell that lack of experience was a count against him, so we’ll see. I think they’re supposed to let him know today. He also has an interview with a staffing agency today so if this job doesn’t pan out, then maybe the staffing agency will be able to find him something. We’ll see. :-)

Last weekend was good. In preparation for the interview yesterday, Paul and I went shopping. We went to Ross, TJ Maxx, Kohl’s and Target… I had forgotten how hard it is to find clothes for that boy!! Where do you find clothes for a guy who has a 28″ waist and 30″ length??? Yeah, it’s hard. And yes, the “boys’ section” is right. :-) It’s hard to find grown-up styles in the boys’ section, though (go figure!). We were able to get nice looking pants at Kohl’s, and we found a shirt at Target that Paul could roll up the cuffs and it wasn’t noticeable. I never realized how many “one size fits all” things are too big for him! For example, ties – they are too long and the boys’ ties are too small. Paul has to tuck the back section away because in order to get it short enough in the front, it’s too long in the back. Hehe :-)

We decided (okay, I decided) that the way to buy clothes for Paul is to always keep an eye out for clothes that fit him, and buy them even if he doesn’t necessarily need them (within reason, of course). That, and find stores that carry smaller sizes. I think I should submit Paul to that show “What Not To Wear” – just to see what they do/suggest about finding clothes that fit him. Hmm, it’s an idea… What do you think, Beth? :-)

I also got this weekend the jewelry for my bridesmaids. It’s really pretty, and I’ll put a picture up on my wedding blog when I take a good one.

On Sunday Paul and I took a drive down Peachtree Street through Buckhead, which is a ritzy and really pretty area of Atlanta – especially during the spring! There are all these old, beautiful homes. My uncle & aunt live in Buckhead, so we stopped by to see them (I lived with them for a month when I moved to Atlanta last year). I enjoyed showing Paul off, and sharing with him a part of Atlanta. My home. :-)

I can’t think of a good ending to this post, and the last paragraph seems abrupt. So here is a closing paragraph. Enjoy. :-)

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