Today marks two anniversaries. One year ago today was my first day of work here! This means I have been in Atlanta for a year, and in my apartment for almost a year. How time flies!

The other (more significant) anniversary is the anniversary of Susan‘s birth 22 years ago. Happy birthday, Susan! :-) Susan and I have been friends for a long time (for 15 years or so… wow are we that old?). We kinda lost touch for a while, but after I moved to Atlanta again we started spending time together. :-)

Susan and I have a lot of memories together, but one of my favorites was when we were on furlough in 95-96. We wrote and performed a play entitled “Cindy and the Dude” which was loosely based off Cinderella. I don’t remember the storyline very well – Susan, do you remember it? Well, no matter, here is a lovely picture from that fun day:

I would like to point out that Susan (back, left) is the only one wearing pants – which is humorous because Susan is the one who now only wears skirts/dresses. We can see that Hannah (front left) hasn’t changed at all. (To understand why, I refer you to her happy birthday post to Susan.) I guess my sister and I are boring.

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