two more days!!

two more days!!

My mom comes back from Switzerland in two days!!! (Well technically tomorrow, but I’ll give her a day to get over jet lag.) I’m sooo excited!! I miss her so much. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to pick up the phone and call her. So much has happened in the last two weeks… And I can’t wait to hear how Switzerland was! That’s my dream European destintion after Greece. :-)

So my face has suddenly gotten really, really dry. Painfully so. And I’ve noticed in the mirror that it is also really, really red. I had stepped up the face washing earlier this week because I started breaking out again (I started using the perscription stuff I have again, I’m not really washing my face more). I quickly put a stop to that and now I’m wondering how to get my face back to how it was, even if it means acne breakouts! I think I’ll just stick to mild soap and a lot of moisurizer and see how it does.

I received two wedding invitations in the mail yesterday; one for Ann & David’s and one for Joanna’s! I was really excited (pretty invitations, by the way, guys :-)). Speaking of invitations, Paul and I are working on finalizing our guest list so we can start getting our invitations printed. I’m going to talk to my boss and see if we can print them here, cuz that would be awesome. Paul is writing a handy-dandy program to keep track of addresses and stuff; I’m finding The Knot to be too bulky. Now comes the tedious process of getting all the snail mail addresses. So everyone, make my job easier and send me your address. Thank you. :-)

I installed Askimet to catch my spam, and I’ve noticed it’s not catching everything. It does catch a lot of the spam that I get, but only the spam that has links in it. All the spam that doesn’t have links gets through, so I turned the comment moderation back on. If you’ve commented and been approved before, then you’re good, but if you haven’t, then I will have to approve it before it appears on my site. I think it’s weird that all of the sudden I’ve been hit with spam. I need to try my cousin’s idea of change it from saying “Comment” to saying something else. Any suggestions? “Thoughts”? “Responses”? Taking a poll right here!

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