comment spam

comment spam

Well the spammers have found my blog. I checked my email this morning to discover 140 spam comments on various posts of my blog. After tediously going through and deleting all of them, I decided that I need to do something. Anyone with wordpress have trouble with comment spam? (Matt) What’s an effective way to delete it?

Temporarily, I have set it up so that I have to approve each comment before it hits the site (so if you leave a comment and it doesn’t appear right away, then that’s why). Of course that doesn’t help for when I get 140 comments in 10 hours, but at least they don’t actually appear on my site.

The weird thing is not all the comments were links. A lot of them said “Interesting site, great job!” But since I got so many that said the same thing, I know it’s spam. Hmm…

Well that’s all I’m going to do for now while I’m at work… I will play around more later today and see if there’s a good solution to spam commenting.

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