on sunshine and kitties

on sunshine and kitties

Today is a beautiful day. It’s in the upper-60s, the sun is shining, the sky is blue, the air is warm. I have been opening the door to my porch when I come home for lunch, and the cats love that. They go out and sit between the slats of the porch railing and look outside, taking in all the sounds and sights of the great outdoors. I always keep an eye on them, although neither have tried to jump off the porch. Lewis is too fat to fit through the slats, I think.

When I first started opening the door, they weren’t used to the Outside. Anytime there was a noise (car backfiring, etc.), they would dart back into the house. Then they would proceed back to the porch with caution.

Last night I crawled into bed and called the kitties. Sometimes they come when called… Well Lewis I think decided to have fun so he came running and in one motion, sprung from the floor all the way across my bed straight towards me. I was laying down at this point and I looked up to see a black and white kitty coming straight at me!! It all happened in an instant… I screamed, Lewis landed on my left shoulder and scared by my scream, disappeared again. I figured out immediately that it was my cat and so my scream ended in laughter. Later one, as things settled, Lewis came and curled up by my feet. I reached over to pet him but he seemed to be scared of me, jumping off the bed. Poor Lewis… Hehe. It makes me laugh just to remember it. I wish I had the gift of words that would make the whole situation funnier in the retelling. :-)

I put a deposit on the church today, and watched the secretary write our wedding on the church calendar! We’re official, yay! Paul informed his employer that he is moving to Atlanta… They were happy for him (getting married) but sad to see him go. I told him I’d be sad too. Paul gets here in 23 days!!

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