customer service

customer service

Here is a chapter in the book of “How To Annoy Your Customers”.

Today when I was shopping at Best Buy, I had an interesting experience with the cashier who rang me up. First, I was standing behind someone who was buying the movie “Madagascar”.
Cashier (in a tone of voice that conveyed lower intelligence): Did you know that Madagascar is a real country?
Customer (confused): Um… Yeah…
Cashier: I was watching the Olympics and I saw Madagascar and I was just like, Wow I didn’t know that.

Then it was my turn. I was purchasing some blank VHS tapes.
Cashier: Whatcha going to tape?
Me (not really feeling conversational): Oh, just tv shows.
Cashier (in a condescending “Wow that’s behind the times” voice): Haven’t you ever heard of TiVo?
Me: Well, I’m not rich.
Cashier: It’s only like $50.
Me: Yeah. That’s expensive.

I take my bag and leave. He irritated me so much. You shouldn’t treat your customers like they are inferior because they don’t subscribe to the newest thing (does anyone else think that $50/month is expensive? I guess if you had roommates to help pay for it… and depends on how much of a TV junkie you are… I wouldn’t have missed the Opening Ceremonies if I had TiVo…).

Okay, rant over. I wanted to call the store manager but it probably isn’t that big of a deal. And I hate that I always say the pity-me “I’m not rich” line.

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