christian gossip

christian gossip

(Originally written at Onward, Christian Soldier)

I haven’t written in here in a while; probably because I’ve stopped reading Crystal’s blog. I was really struggling with anger, and I think that’s when reading it stops being beneficial. The thing that turned me away from the really conservative mindset was the whole controversy about End of the Spear. I was sickened by the gossip that was being passed around, and all to find out it wasn’t even true. They say that the Church is the only organization that shoots its wounded, and sadly how true is that! We come out with our guns showing, ignoring that we ourselves are sinners too. Me gossiping is as bad as someone else being gay. I think that’s the one thing I disliked about going to a Christian college; experiencing firsthand how judgmental Christians can be. Of course I’m not worrying about the speck in my brother’s eye while ignoring the plank in mine. I know I am very guilty of both gossip and judging. That’s something I’m praying about and trying to work on.

When I was in college, there was one year when we had a lot of engagements of people in my dorm. With every engagement, there was talk… “Oh they’re too young.” “They should wait until they graduate first.” “I hear them fighting a lot.” “They have only been dating a few months.” Now, while many of these comments were true and I had the same concerns myself, I thought it was sad that we could never be happy for the engaged couple. For casual acquaintences, it really isn’t our duty to tell everyone why we think they should not be married. If you have legitimate concerns, you should confront – or “carefront” – the couple yourself. You shouldn’t be passing it around, gossiping behind their backs.

Now I’m guilty with the rest of them. I’m thinking of recently when I’ve been telling people why so-and-so shouldn’t have gotten married. I had thought about confronting the couple about my concerns (which were legitimate), but in the end I decided not to because I thought it would do more damage than good (long story).

Wow I’m just rambling… I think it’s important that we as Christians should not “shoot our wounded”. You don’t have to support everything that’s Christian, but don’t put down something just because they might differ in a few grey areas than you. Don’t spread your put-down to everyone and urge them not to support it. If God meant for us all to believe the same, He would have made everything black and white. That’s my opinion anyways. We need to learn that if we all agree that Jesus is the Son of God and the only way to Heaven, then that’s all we really need to worry about. Confrontation has its place, but usually on an individual basis, and most importantly with love.

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