this week

this week

So this week has not been one of my better weeks. It’s not anything specific that happened… just a bunch of little things. For example, we download all our pictures for the ads from this one website. They redesigned the website and now it ONLY works on Internet Explorer!! That’s great for all you PCs out there, but some of us use MACS! Sheesh it makes my blood boil. I wish there was someone I could complain to, but my boss told me they really don’t care because their primary users are retailers.

Speaking of browser problems, I have to fix part of my Gerig-Taylor site so it looks better in IE. I haven’t dealt with it yet because the emails that informed me also accused me of using Thunderbird to design WHICH is an email client (just so you know).

Okay, rant over.

Two good things did happen this week.
1) For my birthday, Paul sent me Season One of Futurama. Now I don’t have to stay up to watch Futurama on Adult Swim! He’s sweet and gives perfect gifts! :-)
2) Most of the advertising that we do is sent out either in newspapers or by direct mail, which is when you get all those ads stuck in your mailbox. Well today I was checking my mail and I got one of our ads! I thought that was pretty cool. It wasn’t one I had designed, but I definitely remember the template, and I think I’ve done ads for that dealer before. I’m going to keep it so I can show people who ask me what kinds of ads I design. You too should keep an eye out for furniture ads that you might receive. It might have been designed by me! :-)

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