Narnia – follow up

Narnia – follow up

I told you I would feel differently in the morning. :-) Well it’s now 11 and I am awake and very glad I took a (planned) sick day at work! I have a lot to do, because my parents, sister, and grandmother are coming tonight! Hooray. :-)

But first… about Narnia… I think I liked it. Yes, they changed a few things and that bugged me as I was watching it because I was expecting certain things. I also just read the book so it was still fresh in my mind. I think they captured the Narnian animals very well – much better than the old movies. ;-) And it was neat to see what Narnia looked like – they captured that pretty well.

I wish CS Lewis would have written more books that took place while Peter and siblings ruled over Narnia. I’ll just have to make up stories in my head about what it must of been like. I think I’d like to live in Narnia.

So much to do today! I want to be lazy and just lay around reading, but I have responsibilities *sigh*. :-p Signing off until later!

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