corrections to the last post

corrections to the last post

Before I start, I have two things. First, I should have checked my facts… My sister is actually battalion commander (a higher rank than company commander). Sorry, Amy! Also I wanted to mention that the baby picture in my last post is of my sister when she was THREE months old. Yes, that chunky baby is only 3 months old and wearing 18 month clothes. I love you, Amy. :-)

So the weather has changed, and now with only a few days until my Christmas musical, I have caught a cold and am in the midst of sneezing-coughing-blowing my nose, while trying to sing Christmas songs for the musical. We’re doing a 1940’s drama about “hope in the golden age of radio”. (Anyone in the Atlanta area is free to come, Saturday or Sunday at 6:30 pm.) I have been really excited about it, but as the time draws closer I’m not as excited. Part of it may be not feeling good. I hope I can actually sing for the performance – usually I lose my voice with colds.

In other news, only 49 more hours until Narnia!!! Whoo-hoo!! I am soooo excited. When I saw Price and Prejudice (the 2-hr long one) this weekend, I was thrilled to watch a trailer for Narnia on the big screen.

Oh and speaking of Pride and Prejudice… I feel like I can finally call myself a romantic girl for having seen P&P. :-) Would you believe I’ve never read a Jane Austen novel? Something’s wrong with me… Well now that my appetite has been wetted, I am going to go check out the book and indulge myself. I need to read Emma, too, since Ellen insists that I would love it. And I suppose I’ll have to watch the 5 hour version of P&P one of these days. :-) The nice thing about no longer being in school is you have time to do stuff like this…

Days till I can cut my hair:
Days till Christmas: 19
Days till my birthday: 20

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