my sister, Amy

my sister, Amy

My baby sister Amy turns 18 today. Since she was 13 when I left home, I have a hard time believing she’s 18 already. Amy and I are complete opposites, but recently we’ve been able to bond over some of the similarities we do have. M*A*S*H (TV show), for example, and some movies. Here are some pictures of my dear sister for your enjoyment.
Amy as a baby (3 mos. old)… We called her “Tubs”. She’s much thinner now. :-)

Amy and I and her dog, Spunky… This was one of my first photo editing attempts – I was trying to make the picture look old-timey

Amy and I with Lewis and Ebony. Amy is battalion commander of her JROTC unit at her high school. Last year, she placed 2nd in the state of Florida for the individual JROTC competition. I am pretty proud of her. :-)

Amy and AJ in the car last Memorial Day

Amy loves animals! She’s sad that my kitties are here in Atlanta with me, but she enjoys when I bring them for visits.

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