engagements and marriage

engagements and marriage

I finally hooked up with Ann last night about the proposal, engagement, and marriage. It was so neat to talk! And to anyone who hasn’t heard/read the story yet, I direct you to David’s blog.

Talking to her made me want to get married too. Bad Ashley! Must not think such things! I think recently I’ve just been a little sensitive to the fact that most of my friends are either single (not in a relationship), married, or engaged. I miss being with people who are at a similar place as me. I know that I am where God wants me right now, and that He’ll provide a husband for me (whether it be Paul or someone else) in His timing. I need to focus on that, and be open to learning the things He wants to teach me before I am married. Oh, I wish the waiting wasn’t so long…!!

It’s cold here today in Atlanta… And kind of rainy today. I discovered Thursday night that one of my headlights is out, and on Friday I discovered that it’s illegal to drive without both headlights in Georgia. So I need to go get the headlight fixed, but it’s also illegal to drive with your lights off while it’s raining, so I’m not sure what to do.

Oh yes, and more Christmas pictures to come. Since that seems to be the popular request. :-)

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