survey/quiz thingy

survey/quiz thingy

Here’s a fun little thing that I got from Maria’s blog. Enjoy!

10 years ago, I was:

  • On furlough in Marietta, GA
  • Attending Cherokee Christian School for 7th grade
  • Getting to know my best friend, Beth
  • Learning to play chess
  • Writing passionately about anything and everything

5 years ago, I was:

  • In Peru in my senior year of high school
  • Counting the days until graduation (I started at 365)
  • Involved in everything: National Honor Society, Student Body Government, Varisty Club, Yearbook
  • Feeling a bit lonely as my friends and I grew apart
  • Getting my thoughts and feelings out in Creative Writing class

1 year ago, I was:

  • In my last semester at Taylor, living in Fairlane, and loving it
  • Getting to know some awesome roomies
  • At the end of my Ropes Course, which was challenging for a fearful-of-heights person like me
  • Spending fall break with Paul
  • Visiting Mammoth Caves, one of my favorite places in Kentucky!

Yesterday I:

  • Worked all day on a website redesign (I’ll post a link when I’m done!)
  • Did laundry
  • Wasted time on Facebook :-p
  • Had a good conversation with my mom for the first time since she returned from Europe!
  • Thought about cooking something for dinner, but decided on a frozen TV dinner instead :-)
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