Yikes, people overload. I miss my friends… I really do. I miss my Taylor friends especially, but I miss the rest of you too. I miss what we had, and I miss what could have been.

I’m coming up to Taylor this spring sometime to visit everyone. I want to hang out in Gerig lounge, greet the desk worker, wander through 2G and make a special hello to Big Suite… Man, it’s so weird. The last time I was in Gerig lounge I was standing there looking at all the unfamiliar faces and thinking, Wow, this used to be “my” lounge. I was one of the constants here… always ready for a game of cards or Mafia. Now you don’t even know who I am. How quickly everything changes…

I was doing okay in my lonely little world until I joined Facebook. Now it’s like a dam has broken loose and a flood of emotion is coming forth. I want to cry, because the past is the past, and I will never get another experience like Taylor again. My friends are all long distance, and our lives are slowly growing apart. That makes me sad. Another thing that makes me sad is that no matter what amazing friends I will make here in Atlanta, they won’t have the same bond as at Taylor.

Any Taylor alum want to move to Atlanta?

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