back from Rhode Island

back from Rhode Island

When I paid for my dinner last night, the change was 25 cents. I turned over the quarter in my hand and noticed that it was a “Rhode Island” state quarter. I immediately called Paul and told him it was a sign! I’m not sure what it’s a sign for, but it was cool. :-)

So I chose a bad weekend to visit, since it rained all weekend and I didn’t really get to see the leaves. But I did get to see Paul, and since that’s why I went up in the first place, it wasn’t too bad. :-)

Things we did:

  • Ate lunch at Paul’s favorite Mexican restaurant in Providence
  • Visited Paul’s office at Allen Resources, and met his coworkers
  • Watched the Mary Tyler Moore Show, Clue, and finally saw Napoleon Dynamite
  • Worked together on a project that my company contracted him to do
  • Met Paul’s roommate and his kitten Chipi; took lots of pictures of Chipi
  • Made enchiladas for dinner (and discovered that cutting up onions doesn’t affect me whatsoever so I guess I have a new calling in life!)
  • Visited the Norman Rockwell Museum
  • Attended Paul’s church
  • Walked around Providence Place Mall
  • Spent some quality time with Micah and Nichole at Starbucks
  • Shared donuts at a Rhode Island staple, Dunkin Donuts and thereby discovered we have the same favorite donut (apple and spice)
  • Played card games, with the final tally at a tie for wins
  • Talked a lot, laughed a lot, and just enjoyed being with each other

Things we didn’t do:

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