father's birthday

father's birthday

Today (what is left of it) is my father’s birthday. Happy birthday, Dad. :-)

I don’t have much to say. Please pray for my best friend, Beth, who lives in Houston. She called me tonight to say that they were on their way to Dallas (where her husband’s family lives) to escape the possible/probable destruction of Hurricane Rita. My heart goes out to all the people who are in the path of this storm.

If you had to evacuate quickly, what would you take with you? I look around my apartment and think of all the things I wouldn’t want to lose – memorabilia, photos, etc. Not to stress the importance of material things… but it would be so hard to lose that which can’t be replaced. Of course, getting my cats out safe and sound would be my number one priority. I don’t think I could go without them.

I’ve been putting in a lot of hours at work. Fall is our busiest season, with furniture sales high because of people redecorating for the holidays. After next week it should be so much better.

Days till I see Paul: 16
Days till I see Nichole: 16-18… when are you free that weekend?

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