new camera, new shoes, and new makeup

new camera, new shoes, and new makeup

I have turned into a shopping-loving, shoe-loving, makeup-loving girl. I blame my 2L roommates. :-) Today I received my camera!! It’s very exciting. Here is a darling picture of Lewis:

He’s so cute. :-) Really, I’ve taken a ton of pictures of Lewis and Ebony so far. And that’s about it. Maybe if I had other things to take pictures of… I should find a park where I can go walk around. I’m excited about this camera.

I also made a trip to Ulta, a cosmetics store, to find something over-the-counter, but really strong that might clear up my face. I’m getting frustrated with looking like a 15 year old, and I definitely do not want to wear makeup every day, but I think I’m going to have to in order to look professional. So I’ve been going through a ton of different face soaps and tonight I got yet another one, so we’ll see if it does the trick. I’m trying to avoid going to a dermatologist, but that might end up happening. I’m scared, though, that my face is scarred for life. :-(

So while I was at Ulta, I also got some makeup. Yeah, after my speech about not wanting to have to wear it. I do like wearing it occasionally, and they were having a sale…

Ulta was next to DSW Shoe Warehouse, and so I popped in and ended a 3 year search for nice black strappy sandals without heels! I was thrilled… They’re comfortable, yet nice enough to wear to work, don’t make me any taller than I am, AND they were 50% off!!! I also found some awesome shoes to wear to Joanna’s wedding, but I decided there was no way I would be able to buy shoes now and then have to WAIT for 10 months before I could wear them. So I think I will wait until April or May to buy those shoes. :-)

Now I need to stop spending money. I buy too much. I need to conentrate my time and energy on other things… Like perhaps building all these websites… Or washing my dishes… or writing emails. :-p :-)

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